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is similar to what president bush put forward in 2007 when senator barack obama voted against it. he voted against hit because of the labor unions. labor unions didn't like the legislation. you said it correct. proceed, negotiate, negotiate with caution, but there is another phrase we have to be careful about and this is pathway to citizenship. if we don't already have pathways to citizenship, we do. we have a pathway to citizenship now. the problem is the entire system is broken. my grandfather came and got citizenship through the pathway. that pathway was through ellis island and took 14 years to be a naturalized citizen. what senator rubio has put on the table is great start. president obama's plan is not senator's rubio's plan. >> sean: senator rubio, he has been clear about this, we don't control the border. we're going back here five or ten years. he says that is deal breaker for him. right now president obama doesn't enforce the laws now. to force arizona to come up with their own law that mirrored the federal law. are you with senator rubio -- if they don't control the border first
and continuing in 2012 was senator obama and now president obama reelected. >> bill: here is what perplexes me? >> politically correct? i appear to be. >> president obama's economic plan hasn't worked among african-americans. when you voted for him, 12.7 unemployment. december of 2012, a month after you voted for him again, 14% unemployment. up. okay. hasn't worked. income, black income $32,000 compared to white 55,000. gone down under president obama. hasn't worked. so, you basically said to yourself i'm still going to support the guy even though his economic policies haven't worked for african-americans and pretty much anyone else. >> well, you have only seen me as an african-american, bill, that troubles me. i'm an american. >> bill: ill know that you cited that in some of your criticisms. you said and correct me if i am wrong, that the disengagement of the republican party from the minority community, blacks and hispanics troubled you. >> the economic situation in the country has improved but not enough. >> bill: not for african-americans. not for minorities. >> i'm not speaking as an afri
barack obama nominated the five-term senator seen here in pictures last week to succeed hillary clinton, who is stepping down after four years. kerry has served on the senate foreign relations panel for 20 years. and investors are beginning to pump money back into crisis-hit nations. new figures compiled by dutch bank ing appeared to show the flight of capital has ended. >> corporate and private investors put more than 90 billion euros back into greece, spain, and portugal in the final quarter of 2012. that is a jump of 9%. the european central bank president has vowed to save the euro at any price. it is thought to have boosted investor confidence. well, here in germany, consumers are becoming increasingly confident about the future, and as a result, they are spending more money. most importantly, they are spending on big-ticket items and long-term investments like real estate. the record rise in consumer sentiment came after three straight months of decline. >> the latest survey, expectations of higher incomes and declining worries. domestic consumption has been playing a central role
them in city. they are working. they are not near to go on the dole. obama and the senate called for them not to get the welfare grant. the other thing as dana pointed out, she did not point this out, i'll point it out. the border got more and more secure every year. it is good policy. we have to deal with this. if we turn to politics right away it doesn't happen. a great and serious loss to america. >> eric: we have to go but i disagree with everything that bob just said. >> greg: the problem here is that people are worried about the things that work sounding mean. replacing border with feelin feelings. it's easier to get in the united states than disney land. why don't we employ all the cast members on the border and we'll be safer. >> andrea: a lot of questions. the unions did enforce this plan. are they going to funneled on the membership roles? coming up, "60 minutes" correspondent steve croft explains why president obama seems to come on their show every couple of weeks. >> i think he knows we are not going to play gotcha with him. >> andrea: plus, limbaugh reacts to the at
. that is joe cusick of optionsxpress. thanks joe. > > thank you. president obama and a bipartisan group of senators say the time is right to reform immigration. in our cover story, how the first proposals on the table could fix a system many say is not only broken but ignored since the recession. 27-year-old erendira rendon, brought here when she was six months old, agrees with president obama and bipartisan members of the senate that immigration reform is vital. "my entire family is undocumented. there is no other way. there are no lines for us." immigrants from countries other than mexico cite incredible waiting lists. lawrence benito's family is from the phillipines. "it took my mom 24 years to be reunited with her siblings. that's a system that doesn't work." the wait affects everyone, including billy lawless, who's opened several successful restaurants in the u.s. "i only got a green card after 15 years, two years ago after investing in this country." "for the first time in many years, republicans and democrats seem ready to tackle this problem together." despite a steep decline in
politician or celebrity i have interviewed, but senator obama was there, and i thought, i will take a picture with this guy, and we have a conversation about iraq. i never thought i would get a chance to ask him a question again, especially after he became president. this year there was an off the record straight session for the senior advisers at this bar in orlando. president obama shows up unannounced, and i have a chance to ask one question off the record. the question i wanted to ask, i did ask a question, but i did not ask about drones or civil liberties. it was also an example to me when i am trying to be hard, as critical as possible to do my job even in the moment you are meeting the president. it is not an easy thing to do. a lot of the journalists i was with swooned. i think that is correct. tavis: that is the right word. i am glad you were on as to go on the record and then and tonight. i raise that not to demonize you but to get your take on the media's complicity on not putting the tough questions for work. i ask that in the backdrop of 60 minutes. they punted the conversation.
and republican senators. president obama is urging using his bully pulpit to make sure there is an urgency to get real reform done. >> the foundation for bipartisan action is already in place. and if congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, i will send up a bill based on my proposal and insist that they vote on it right away. >> the details of the president's own plan for citizenship are supported by mainstream america. >> we have to lay out a path, a process that includes passing a background check, paying taxes, paying a penalty, learning english, and then going to the back of the line behind all the folks who are trying to come here legally. that's only fair. >> and i'll have commentary on that in a moment. i'm not all on board with it. it sounds good, but the path to earn citizenship has a lot of supporters in congress. in fact, it's the same path outlined by the group of senators. president obama's plan has a few more specifics. the path to citizenship is not contingent on meeting security triggers like additional border security and unmanned drones. it calls for improvements
path outlined by the group of senators. president obama's plan has a few more specifics. the path to citizenship is not contingent on meeting security triggers like additional border security and unmanned drones. it calls for improvements to immigration courts. and it requires the same visa rights for same-sex couples as everyone else. now, these minor differences cause some grandstanding from republican senator marco rubio out of florida today. rubio intends to make this issue political. >> if this endeavor becomes a bidding war to see who can come up with the easiest, quickest, and cheapest pathway to greencard possible, this thing is not going to go well, folks. >> of course there is really only one place for republicans to go when they want to make political hay out of an issue. >> obama is seeking political victory. obama doesn't care about enforcing existing law. so people say why will he enforce anything that is new. >> once again, limbaugh is clearly delusional. one of the reasons we need immigration reform is because there were a record number of deportations last year. p
, newt gingrich is here. at least president obama and senator landrieu put the straw man up there, apparently, fox news is their straw man. >> they're very different arguments. mary landrieu's argument, with all due respect is nuts. the idea that discretionary spending's not too high, the idea that this government's not too big, the idea that the deficit isn't too large, this is not a fox news problem, this is a wash politician problem. i think they can try to find somebody tolls blame all they want to. she has to go back home and explain why she's failing to do her job. by the way, in the senate, which is not passed a budget for 3 years. >> you know what i don't understand is both the president calling out fox and senator landrieu calling out fox. and fox has the most viewers and it's the number-1 cable news, it's fully universed in a 300-million-plus country. but we have three or four million viewers a night at a given time. why -- why are they so terrified that they keep bringing up fox news? what is so -- what is the impact on them? >> i think that they are so used to having a
that policy would be contingent on securing the southern border. seven years ago then senator obama the joined a similar effort >> if the compromise that's been discussed and has the agreement of those who were in this room, if that ends up being the bill that is signed into law, it's a win-win for everybody >> woodruff: today president obama praised the new senate effort. he said the path to citizenship must be clear from the start and not just be tied to border security. >> we have to lay out a path, a process that includes passing a background check, paying taxes, paying a penalty, learning english, and then going to the back of the line behind all the folks who are trying to come here legally. that's only fair. right? so that means it won't be a quick process but it will be a fair process. >> woodruff: back in washington florida republican marco rubio, a member of the bipartisan senate group, still seemed concerned the president wanted to move too far too fast >> if this endeavor becomes a bidding war to see who can come up with the easiest, quickest and cheapest pathway to green card poss
-win for everybody >> woodruff: today president obama praised the new senate effort. he said the path to citizenship must be clear from the start and not just be tied to border security. >> we have to lay out a path, a process that includes passing a background check, paying taxes, paying a penalty, learning english, and then going to the back of the line behind all the folks who are trying to come here legally. that's only fair. right? so that means it won't be a quick process but it will be a fair process. >> woouff: back in washington florida republican marco rubio, a member of the bipartisan senate group, still seemed concerned the president wanted to move too far too fast >> if this endeavor becomes a bidding war to see who can come up with the easiest, quickest and cheapest pathway to green card possible, this thing is not going to go well, folks >> woodruff: senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said he's withholding judgment for now >> i think predicting how one is going to vote on this package before it gets out of committee is something i'm not prepared to do. but i will say... what i w
will be working this car next and who was to doubt him? what's hot on the heels of a group of american senators, president obama has rolled out his own plan for dealing with america pause immigration problem. speaking in las vegas, he said that immigration reform must include a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million people living in america illegally. >> he is here, he is president. he is a tremendous support with a latino voters. a promise to help illegal immigrants become americans. >> i'm here because the time has come for common-sense, comprehensive immigration reform. >> that might be music to the ears of those in the streets of laredo, through this texting -- texan town, once ofa part of the nearly 2,000 miles of border. there is an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the states. the vast majority from mexico. for years, it has been an intractable problem. some things are changing. some might have a better chance of success. many have come across the border illegally. also republicans are having a very serious briefing, wondering whether their attitude towards immigration costs
. not the president's gun control proposals. >> more changes coming to president obama's cabinet. senator john kerry was overwhelmingly confirmed to replace hillary clinton. the vote was 94-3. three republicans opposing his confirmation. the state department is planning a welcome ceremony on monday morning. >> president obama lays out his plan for immigration reform. but could be on a collision course with congress. >> still ahead, we'll sit down with our team of political experts and find out some of the reasons why. >> plus, the most extensive and complicated arm transplant surgery in history. more from the war hero who received a new grasp on life. grasp on life. >> but first, media day at the super dome. dave ross joins us live with reaction from ray lewis. >> as we head to the break, here's another live look outside of that accident. the latest weather from tucker. traffic from julie in just a moments. 10 minutes after 7:00. we'll be right back. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. mommy! i went potty! that's great, honey.... where? for life's bleachable moments. it wasn
obama appointed three people to the national labor relations board without the traditional senate confirmation process. he did so by using his recess appointment power. senate republicans objected. they argued that he couldn't do that because at the time the senate was still meeting in what's called a pro-forma session, a super brief session sometimes just lasting a few minutes. that's been used by democrats and republicans explicitly to keep presidents from making these so-called recess appointments. well, the obama administration countered that he had the power to make those recess appointments because the senate was, practically speaking, and for all other intents and purposes, in recess. well this past friday the white house lost that argument in court. a three-judge panel on a federal court of appeals in washington, d.c. ruled that president obama's recess appointments were unconstitutional. wouldn't you know it, all three of those panel judges were appointed by republicans presidents. well, white house spokesperson jay carney said the decision went against the traditional ba
. ♪ >> bill: it's official now, senator john kerry will be president obama's next secretary of state. the senate confirmed that nomination today and it wasn't even close frankly. only three lawmakers voted. no the republican senators ted cruise and john cornyn from texas and james inhofe out of oklahoma all voting no. you can even see the lawmakers congratulating senator kerry with hugs and pats on the back before the voting was even finished. remember his confirmation hearing in front of the senate foreign relations committee a couple weeks ago was largely free of fireworks. senator kerry chaired that same committee for four years. after today's vote, he submitted his resignation letter and is he set to deliver his closing address tomorrow after 28 years in the senate. after that swearing in, senator kerry will take the baton from the outgoing secretary of state, hillary clinton. she goes "on the record" with greta's tonight. defended our mission in benghazi, libya, which came under attack on september 11th. that assault killed four americans, including our ambassador in libya. >> w
senate plan, obama about this in his own immigration bill to congress if lawmakers don't take immediate action. the senate has confirmed democratic senator john kerry as president obama is the secretary of state, replacing hillary clinton. the final tally was 94 in favor and three opposed. after the vote, democratic senators chuck schumer of new york and dick durbin of illinois paid tribute to john kerry's legacy. >> we still admire the job he has done in his past life in many different phases. we are excited he will be our secretary of state. i think for john kerry, the best is yet to come. >> is passionate pursuit of a safe nation and world is patriotism and commitment to america's best challenged values are well documented. while i am sorry to lose some as a colleague in the senate, i can think of no better person to serve as our nation's next secretary of state. >> the bodies of a least 80 people had been found and aleppo, each with their hands bound and gunshot wounds to the head. amateur video shows the dead corpses laid out after being collected from a bank on the river, most of
party is advocating limiting national service. president obama campaigned to expand to 250,000. senator kennedy helped to pass the expansion. i was wondering what role "the nation" can play in helping to support the program. >> we've done a lot of work around expanding doctors into rural community centers. americorps is a good program. all of those should be supported. we have not done as much. there has been controversy at the magazine. i am more of a supporter of teach for america than my colleagues. they are good programs. >> what could we do collectively as the next up for occupy wall street? -- next step for occupy wall street? >> what is your main interest in the issues raised by occupy wall street? if it is money and politics, you should join with those who are occupying the supreme court, fighting in states for clean money reform, and fighting for an amendment strategy to overturn the citizens united decision, and fighting in elections to change the supreme court. >> what would you think of having a national general assembly modeled on the original continental congress in philad
obama has given the mandate. go forward with this. senate, i'm waiting to see a vote. i have a haunch the 12 senators that rated a b plus by the nra that may have been elected because of their stance on guns. i'm not so sure they are in a hurry to say aye or nay on a vote. >> you have heard express about concern over the assault weapons ban and greater interest in fixing up the background check system. i think you could see a package with background checks, cracking down on gun trafficking, moving against high capacity clips potentially. i think that will be controversial. i think you could probably get a lot of support but enough to get over the finish line. we don't know for a package like that in the next few months. this will be a tough issue. it's going to be front and center in front of the american people the next six months. public opinion will harden around sort of an argument. >> eric: here is my problem. public opinion hashedens around opportunities with giffords up there and parents from connecticut on tv. let's pull this full screen up to show you what is going on in amer
balart saying of obama's now intention to step on the work of those senators, quote, i think that would poisen the water. democratic congressman also skeptical saying, "the last thing you want is to inject, even from a perception point of view, the partisanship or gamesmanship. with nothing of substance to offer, the president threatened to blow up the bipartisan process by offering a bill bearing his name. >> if congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, i will send up a bill based on my proposal, and insist they vote on it right away. lou: there is little chance that the president could successfully insist that the house do anything of the kind. president obama went on to suggest that under his watch, crossings of illegal imgrants in the southwest border have slowed. >> now, during my first term, we took steps to try to patch up some of the worst cracks in the system. first, we strengthened security at the borders so that we could stand the tide of illegal imgrants. we put more boots on the ground on the southern border than in any other time in our history, and, today, i
, it is about people. >> reporter: mr. obama described a similar bipartisan plan in the senate as encouraging, but republicans are also warning the president that there are limits to their willingness to compromise. >> if this endeavor becomes a bidding war to see who can come up with the easiest, quickest pathway to green card possible, this won't go well, folks. >> reporter: after winning 17% of the latino vote, the president is okay pressuring republicans. >> if congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, i will send a bill based on my proposal and insist that they vote on it right away. >> reporter: among those moves for the reform, they came to the u.s. illegally 13 years ago from mexico city. visiting at home with them in california, their 22-year-old daughter can't imagine life outside the u.s. >> spent more than half my life here. i would not have the first idea of how works back in my country. >> folks forget most of us used to be them. >> reporter: the proepss aren't new, it is the political reality after republicans were crushed by latinos in the 2012 election, many loo
by a president it's in the realm of commander-in-chief. he was called imperial by senator barack obama. when it came to wiretaps and prosecuting global war interrogation techniques he used executive borders to get his way. when it comes to domestic issues there is more clear limitation on the presidency who on the eyes of the constitution is a co equal branch of government to the congress. when you do things like cap and trade enforcement through the epa instead of legislation when you do things like car chicken forcement through the national labor relations board and not the congress and others, immigration reform, you circumvent and you do an executive order you are violating the spirit of the constitution if not federal law. >> is there a distinction between what he would be doing and what we saw president reagan do and george h.w. bush. >> i would be a hypocrite if i didn't criticize obama as well. i believe the way to get the bloggers is to get rid of the filibuster and to get government moving. >> you believe that today with the authorities. >> i work in the senate and democrats. i sti
a healthcare problem and political one. >> bret: bipartisan group of senators and president obama have outline of immigration reform legislation this week. senior political analyst brit hume is here with his analysis of what is right with one of them. why have so many immigrant families from asia done so well in this country? one reason they had to come a long way to get here. it's still a formidable obstacle and screens out the less able and determined. relatively small subset of the population, 6%, nearly half of whom have a bachelor degree. they are in short the people this country needs. this is why one of the most useful part of the immigration reform package rolled out the other day to award green cards to immigrants who old advance degrees in science, technology, engineering and math. we need 120,000 computer engineering jobs a year and we graduate a third of those and many of those leaf the country because the visa expires. 55,000 green cards were awarded bay brandon draw each year to immigrants from countries who previously sent few people to the u.s.. not surprisingly it's known as t
republicans deserve and president obama's cabinet. he is credited with addressing pilot fatigue, curbing distracted driving, and improving the safety of roads and bridges. senate is expected to confirm a successor in the next two months. >> president obama says now is the time to fix the nation's broken immigration system. he laid out a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants during a visit at las vegas high school. some republicans say they want to tighten border several before addressing citizenship issues -- to tighten border controls. d.c. officials will be educating drivers about the dangers of making returns across pennsylvania avenue biplanes. >> that runs from third street to 15th street nw. it's illegal to make a u-turn even when cyclists are not present. there's a $100 fine. police officials and a representatives from the d.c. taxicab commission will handout informational fliers and will issue tickets to violators. you would think that football would be the hot topic during media day for super bowl xlvii. >> ravens linebacker ray lewis had to address deer antler spray. britt
. >> reporter: today's watch party is a series of community of meetings including one this friday. >> senator john kerry has been confirmed as the next secretary of state. the full senate approved president barack obama's nomination with a vote of 94-3. the vote came just hours after the foreign relations committee approved the nomination. he's a five term senator from massachusetts and has served on a foreign relations panel for 28 years. once sworn in he'll replace hillary clinton who is stepping down. >> an oakland woman has be arrested on charges she posed as a doctor and stole credit cards. investigators say 49-year-old yolanda smith pretended to be a doctor to get access to secure areas of hospitals. she stole credit cards belonging to hospital workers and made thousands of dollars in purchases. smith carried out the thefts at several hospitals. >> back now to new orleans and the countdown to the super bowl. today was media day. joe fonzi is there. you heard from players about how to stop colincaper nick. >> reporter: some rain has come through. there's kind of a warm and humid wind blo
:00, after three decades in the senate john kerry is poised to step into a new job. today the senate confirmed him as secretary of state. the next step is taking the oeths of office and tonight, president obama is taking over the push for immigration reform. the plan he released is pretty similar to the senate's out line we told you about last night. whileboth plans have bipartisan support in the senate, it's unlikely a bill will go over well with the develop controlled house. >> in health news tonight, women have been taking it for decades but tonight, researchers in texas are working on a birth control pill for men. othershave tried but failed because of harmful side effects. otherpills have targeted hormones but jq one targets germ cells and so far in mice there have been no side effects. >> i'll tell you what it didn't do, it didn't affect the laly booe doe of the animals clinical trials could start in five years. you can imagine this is a hot topic tonight. ifa male birth control pill was approved by the fda would you want your husband to take it? join in the chat on our face
-american and the last elected african-american to the senate was barack obama. a little bit of history being made and that's one part why deval patrick made this pick. >> when we talk about the fact he's going to be the placeholder, there's going to be a special election. scott brown, former massachusetts senator that was beaten by elizabeth warren leaning strongly towards running in the race and this new poll showing brown could crush ed markey if the race were held today. there anyone with star power to take down scott power if he throws his hat into the ring? >> the primary will be april 30th and election will be june 25th. ed markey looks like the person who will emerge as the democratic kabd candidate. it's always difficult for a member of congress because they are only known in their neck of the woods so to speak to gain statewide influence. it's difference also than a presidential election when scott brown had a difficult time beating elizabeth warren because about 200,000 barack obama voters would have had had to vote for scott brown. most people thought scott brown would hold out and run
and fox news to kill this it bill. but yesterday in that clip that we just heard from senator rubio, rush limbaugh who rarely changes his mind softens his position. he did say the obama administration was running a no-huddle offense on america. first guns, then amnesty. but he went to say that if the plan would work the way senator rubio described it, that he would be for it. it would be important to do. it's a problem that needs to be solved. so the republicans rhetoric is meeting up with the electoral reality. but the problem is getting enough house members who feel like an incentive to do it back home. so many members are from deep red districts. the president has done something and that is to put it up as one big bill instead of chewable bites. that means the house might choke on it. >> so we e had the gang of eight. rubio is the shining star out of this. is he being boosted way up? >> absolutely. he's done more than talk. he's done something in washington, which is hard to do. and he went back on what he said less than two months ago. he told me at a politico breakfast he thought it
. the bipartisan senators say absolutely not. let me give you the reaction to president obama's speech today, and then i want to turn to you. first, i want to take up senator rubio's comments. he said, "i am concerned by the president's unwillingness to accept significant enforcement triggers before current undocumented immigrants apply for a green card. without the triggers in place, enforcement systems are not implemented and back in a few years dealing with millions of new undocumented people in our country. furthermore, the president ignored the need for a modernized guest worker program to ensure those who want to immigrate legally to make the economy do so in the future, and, finally, the president's speech believes reforming immigration quickly is more important than reforming immigration rights." your response? >> i agree with what senator rubio said. i disagree with chris. the federal law is clear. if you're not an individual who has been here on a permanent green card for more than five years, the state can't consider you giving you any type of government assistance, period. that's
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